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Landing Page 2.0. It integrates social media platforms, non-stop trackers, automated deals, and more. It can easily optimize the advertising effect, accurately target the target audience, and achieve performance without Hard Sell! The operation of this automatic transaction system is simple, with short video teaching, learn how to operate Landing Page from 0 to 1 in a short time! Customer feedback teaching video, follow the steps, learn to create a Landing Page in half a day, super simple, beginners can learn it! Buy a set of systems and immediately have 100++ Landing Page templates, create unlimited landing pages, and update them every year. It is absolutely super cost-effective!

Just enter REFERRAL CODE and get RM100 off! (=Base Plan discount price of RM388, original price RM488)

Include: Landing Page Template, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ad Tutorial **Traffic Ad, Facebook Ad Tutorial **Conversion Ad
Google Ad Tracking (Include Google Ad Tutorial)
You can accurately advertise on our Google Search software (Google Search), and target the most suitable potential customers in the most accurate way!(Original price RM 250.00)
TikTok Pixel (Including Tiktok Ad Account, Ad Tutorial)
You can track the impact of your TikTok ads on your website. Additionally, you can monitor sales, user activity, and find the right audience for your ads.(Original price RM 250.00)
Telegram Channel
You can set up your own Telegram automatic publishing system just like a big company, so that your customers can quickly get the latest information of your business through Telegram!(Original price RM 150.00)
WhatsApp Blasting Software (Include tutorial)
You can use the marketing system in WhatsApp to communicate with customers just like a big company, and you don't need to spend any more effort to find customers one by one.(Original price RM 200.00)
SEO Add-on (Include tutorial)
You can use our company's Google ranking software to quickly improve your business' ad rankings and outperform your competitors.(Original price RM 250.00)
Online Shopping Cart (Include payment gateway)
You can have an online transaction system where your customers can pay directly online! (original price RM 900.00)
Sales Funnel Design (Including Upsell System, Automate Follow up, tutorial, etc)
You get a complete, effective sales funnel design to guarantee your sales plan and strategy! (As an entrepreneur, sales skills are indispensable). (Original price RM 800.00)
Email Marketing Tool (Including CRM Software, Email Marketing Software, Email Marketing tutorial)
You can retain existing clients and target potential clients with an email strategy! (Original price RM 300.00)
Blog (Include tutorial)
You can publish Blog on your own website like a professional website, and update more information related to the business. The Google search bar will be occupied by your web page, and visitors will be able to learn more about the company's services and products! (original price RM 100.00)
Live Chat
You can quickly communicate with customers browsing your website and solve their doubts through live chat. The transaction rate will be greatly improved! (Original price RM 400.00)
Landing Page Design
You can get beautiful pages! (2-4 layouts)
Landing Page Marketing Consultation
You can get up to 7 hours of one-to-one landing page marketing consultation!
Just enter REFERRAL CODE and get RM100 off! (=Base Plan discount price of RM388)


This Landing Page system (Base Plan) includes:

Landing Page Template

You will get 100++ web (Landing Page) design templates. Let you build a complete website in a few hours. Ultimately increase the conversion rate of your landing page visitors!




Efficiently and accurately collect data through Facebook’s detail targeting and retargeting strategies to increase ROI. Double to triple your ROI or even higher! (Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ad Tutorial with Traffic Ad [Audience with the greatest chance to click on your website link] & Facebook Ad Tutorial with Conversion Ad [Audience with the greatest chance to convert (inquiry, registration, purchase)]).



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The Landing Page needs to be updated annually. *Renewal fee is RM388 Landing Page: RM388 Landing Page (Within Sales Funnel Design): The price is additional

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