Increase your sales quickly! All you need is

Facebook page works great! Instagram is trending! TikTok is very young! Whatsapp is very common! Website is very professional! But getting it all seems like a lot of hard work, right?

It's not difficult, just purchase our Landing page 2.0 and find out that it's actually very simple to complete and professional digital sales system!

Landing Page 2.0

It is a complete and effective digital marketing system like those big companies; Lazada, Grab, Shopee. These companies spend tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to maintain this digital marketing system.

And have you ever imagined it? You only need to spend more than a thousand dollars or even a few hundred dollars to have a condensed version of the tutorial and web system, and you can be like those big companies!

Small and medium-sized businesses can directly use our automated closing system to complete digital marketing system. and having a digital marketing system that works just as well as a big company.

Landing Page 2.0

A tool that allows you to increase your sales.

You will get effects like this!

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In the past 3 days, we've made $7,700 in sales!

Thank you everyone, in the past 3 days we have reached $7,700 in sales. Our new product launches drive all the traffic, so we only get these numbers twice a year. But your plugin is invaluable to us and we managed to roll out $33,000 in 3 days. $7,700 of that wouldn’t be possible without your plugin.


eCommerce Entrepreneur 

Asset 62

One-click upsell generated nearly 10% profit for us, which is almost $18,000 in sales.

We recently had an online course launch in the past 7 days. This generated about $180,000 in sales. We also offer one-click upsells. This generated nearly $18,000 in sales. Nearly 10% of our profits come from one-click upsells. If it weren’t for the work of your team, we would never have had money! Everything is perfect! We had two support issues resolved within hours. Thanks to the quick response from the team, we never had any issues with our order

Matt Kloskowski


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It increased my average daily income by 20%

It increased my average daily income by 20%. I’m using SMS and email to automate cart abandonment and both work perfectly. I also use the “Send to Zapier” option to collect data on Google Sheets. It didn’t even make a big difference to the loading time! Very satisfied with the product so far

Borja Obseso

Founder, CreativiU Elite

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Excellent and flexible!

The interface is excellent and flexible, adaptable to your specific goals. The team that created it understands the marketing needs so well that you can basically build a funnel out of Lego-like parts. It was able to figure out and tweak the plugin to work with my other custom apps in a matter of hours. I really think, there’s no doubt about it – the best assisted selling app out there. thank you very much! !


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...what can you get...

Landing Page Building

You will get 100++ Landing Page design templates. Lets you build a complete website in a few hours. Ultimately increase the conversion rate of your landing page visitors!


You will have an efficient ordering system that will allow you to close deals with customers in the easiest way!

Payment Gateway

You will have an online transaction system, allowing your customers to pay directly online!

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

You can use our Google Earnings software to quickly increase brand and product exposure and make your website rank higher than others!

TikTok Tracking

TikTok, the most popular advertising artifact in 2022, allows you to attract a large number of traffic from TikTok to your Landing Page easily! More convenient and efficient marketing promotion!

Google Ad Tracking

You can accurately advertise on our Google search software, and you can target the most suitable potential customers most accurately!

Facebook Tracking

Efficiently and accurately collect data through Facebook's detail targeting and retargeting strategies to increase ROI. Double to triple your ROI or even higher!

Auto Post to Telegram Channel

You can set up your own Telegram auto-posting system like a big company. It is your customers can quickly get the latest information of your business through Telegram!

Email Marketing Tool

Businesses can also use email strategies to engage their existing customer base and target potential customers!

Sales Funnel Design

As an entrepreneur, you must know that sales skills are important. And in e-commerce sales, an effective sales funnel is very important. You get a complete sales funnel design to guarantee your sales plan and strategy!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You can more accurately analyze your existing and potential customer bases and formulate interaction strategies to target more accurate customer bases in the future. Increase the loyalty and satisfaction of your customer base!

Live Chat

You can quickly communicate with customers browsing your website through online chat. Quickly resolve their doubts and increase their likelihood of closing a deal with you!


You can publish your blog on your website like a professional website, and update more information about your business. Your page will appears in the first page of the Google search bar!

Automated Follow-Up

You can set up an automatic follow-up system, you can follow up the latest news with customers more conveniently, quickly and accurately.

WhatsApp Marketing Tool

You can use Whatsapp's marketing system to communicate with customers like a big company, instead of sending messages one by one.

What will we offer you?

Video Tutorial

  • Build Landing Page
  • Build Sales Funnel
  • Email Marketing
  • Livechat
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Google Ads
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads
  • Whatsapp Marketing


  • Landing Page Design
    ( Up to 5 Layouts & Up to 3 revisions )
  • Landing Page Marketing Consultation
    ( Up to 7 hours )


  • Domain Name (.com /
  • Hosting Server (20GB)
  • SSL Certificate (https)
  • 15 in 1 Landing Page Marketing
  • 100++ Landing Page Design Tamplate

------- Depending on the package purchased, the services and configurations will be different -------

Why choose us?

Our automatic closing system is the most suitable all-round digital marketing software for you!

Content Customization

According to your existing conditions, we recommend the most suitable package for you. Allows you to build your own automatic transaction system at an affordable price. You'll directly create marketing content and copy that matches your imagination.

Easy Process

You just need to choose and buy the right package, and follow the process we provide to improve your digital marketing system step by step. Our company will have professional consultants to guide patiently.

Great Value

You only need to pay for one simple purchase of Landing Page 2.0, you can learn and improve your entire digital marketing system. Effective digital marketing made easy! No need to spend more money to sign up for various courses and find advertising agencies.

Landing Page 2.0

We will provide more direct assistance to assist you in completing your drainage system
RM 388
/Per Year
  • Asset 95 Landing Page 2.0!

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